Point 1 – Fill in the order form

The first thing you need to do is to fill out an order form. First, you have to choose the level of your professional experience. Specify the level that corresponds to your real work experience. For example, if you have recently completed your studies and received a diploma, choose the initial level (Entry), even if you have little experience. If you already have a decent experience, worked in several companies, have sufficient knowledge in their professional field, then you will approach the level of Professional. For people who have a fairly rich background, the Executive level is more suitable. All your skills and experience must match the chosen level so that the employer has a clearer idea of you as a specialist.

Next, in the order form, you must specify what type of service you require. In addition to the usual resume, we offer services of writing a cover letter, which is often ordered at the same time. This will save your time because you do not have to spend time on additional preparation of the order. At one time you can even order 3 types of written works at once, which include a resume, CV and cover letter. It all depends on your needs and goals, but especially for you, we will approach the task individually.

The last step is to specify the dates. This is a very important point because we need to know what time frame to focus on. We are ready to fulfil the order within a day. But, if you have much less than 24 hours, our experts can write a resume as soon as possible.

Once you have completely filled out the form and provided all the necessary information, a full calculation of the cost of the order will be made. We will not charge you interest or any other additional fee. The price that will be calculated is final if you do not make additional changes.

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